timeline of works

Absurd dynamics of architecture

photographs, digital prints 100×80cm, 2019 – ongoing

The shirt

installation, silver gelatin print 110×70cm, acryl colors, 2019

Realization of my own thoughts about the importance of color information in photography in contrast with theoretical essence of black and white photography.
Based on thesis by Vilém Flusser.


24 silver gelatin prints, 13×18cm and one 45×60cm, 2016 –

Time-lapse series of snapshots of meeting my friend Karel.

To be in two places at the same time

installation of two photographs, silver gelatin prints, 50×60cm, 2019

Personal answer to the question “What is Kudor?” where the word Kudor was a nickname of everything that can bring photography back to life. Everyone who had an answer was supposed to capture it. My point was to recreate a photograph that was already taken and use the Déjà vu effect to think about two similar places at the same time. Our studio members’answers resulted in exhibition called Searching for Kudor, which took place in Jelení gallery in Prague during the spring of 2019.

Action Street

public space installation, co-creators: Johana Pošová, Magdalena Dubnová, 2019

Slightly performative act of exposing intimate photographs of three authors’ flats out on the street in front of everyone’s sight. The process consisted of taking photos, transforming the facade into gallery and documenting everything what happened.

On the word edge

Based on poems of the same name written by Štěpán Špád.



silver gelatin prints, 58×45 cm, co-creator: Kateřina Nováčková, 2018

A set of double exposures created as a tribute to Ernst Neuschul, worldwide known artist from Usti nad Labem. Photographs reflect frequent themes and also point out the author’s juicy life story.


set of 6 silver gelatin prints, 18×24cm, 2017

Visualized bristly hair.