Plaubel Makina 67 (services)

Dozens of these beauties have visited my work table and I really hope they still serve their owners in the best condition possible.

My work was always focused on fixing minor problems and mainly preventing them to happen. Every machine requires its upkeep and for the best results, I can only recommend to make that regular and I can make that happen.
Here is a list of the remaining things I can (and want to) help with:

  • Makina 67/w67 general CLA
  • Light meter wiring replacement
  • Front viewfinder glass replacement
  • Light seals replacement

Spare parts: Viewfinder glass

One of the most significant parts of the camera is a huge bright viewfinder with big front glass. Great but vulnerable.
Is yours cracked or completely broken? No problem, let’s replace it with the custom made one!

  • bright float glass
  • no coating
  • matt edges
  • 55,4 x 21,3 mm (outer part dimensions, should fit the front cover just fine)

8 pieces for Plaubel Makina 67 available!

…W67 version coming soon!

Light meter wiring replacement

Is your light meter showing only + / – or some doubtful values? Or is it dead completely?
The most common problem here is that one or more wires connecting the aperture/shutter speed rings with the light metering unit are broken.
How this could happen? Well, every movement of your lens especially when “opening/closing” the camera slightly hurts the wires and after 40 years of service, they just break.

The solution is simple, let’s replace them. The only one complication is the fact I need to fully disassemble the camera to do so. Perfect moment for a CLA.

Any questions? Feel free to contact me.